Website Design and Development by Designing Solutions WD

Website Design and Development by Designing Solutions WD

Website Design and Development by Designing Solutions WD

Web Development Projects

Financial Planning Firm

Provided custom solution to deliver eMail promotions to clients and partner advisors. System included tracking of emails and previous campaign data.

Developed yearly budgeting tool that is used nationally to provide national and regional managers with instant yearly budgets for all district manager.
American Financial Printing

Created an online web application that utilizes the PageFlex Suite and custom .NET extensions to provide an online ordering system for web to print products.
Makor Solutions

Developed an online CRM, Production/Inventory Management application and an online ecommerce store.

Developed online donation application to improve site design and allow more administrative features to the users.

Copycats Media

Web Application designed to create the sales team and production team with one system that combines the previous three.

Welcome To Designing Solutions WD LLC

Website Design and Development by Designing Solutions WD
Why are we different?

Designing Solutions WD LLC was organized and designed on the notion of making web applications improve your business. Any company can put together a web site or sell you on the latest technology your business needs. What we offer is proven technology that your company needs to integrate your employees and customers with out the hassle of wasting time. Our proven web development solutions eliminate 50-80% of labor that is repetitive and unproductive. Picture this; you have 100 employees that all waste just 20 minutes a day doing a repetitive task that could be automated by our systems. If we do the math 20 minutes x 5 days x 50 weeks x 100 employees = 500,000 minutes, 8,333 hours, 347 Days or almost 1 full year of work just from something that our system could have eliminated in around a weeks time.

That is what makes us different and that is why we are here. If you would like to learn more of our services please call (612) 743-2734 or email us.